Thailand: Krabi Beach

Thailand: Krabi Beach

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Krabi is located in the Krabi province and is in the center of Thailand. This region and area is truly spectacular to experience! Known for its limestone cliffs and sandy beaches with clear water you won’t want to miss out on this jewel in Thailand. Krabi used to merely be considered a jumping off point to other destinations surrounding it but overtime has developed as a tourist attraction for visitors in its own right.

This exciting locale has been attracting guests of the List sort with beautiful scenery, kayaking, boat rides and restaurants beyond belief it is a region that is sure to please with its vast array of offerings from entertainment to fine dining. Krabi beach is known for its luxury accommodations and beautiful scenic views and perfect beaches.

Krabi beach is very diverse with activities ranging from quiet walks to boat rides along the Krabi province. You can even engage in water sports here with operators in Krabi.

Beyond the Beach:

Wat Kaew is one of the main attractions in Krabi beach which is a wat temple. This spot is said to be a relaxed space to spend quiet hours away from the noise of the busy city. There are vast hills that overlook Krabi and you can get a special view of the city from these special spots. It is a sight to see the ocean shimmering in the distance from these key special spots in Krabi beach.

There is no shortage on fun for the whole family at Krabi Beach! There are resort hotels, activities for younger visitors. The Long Tail Boat rides are a favorite amongst younger guests to the city.

You can even go on a kayaking trip in this town. Catch all of the spectacular scenery in one of these amazing and adventurous outings. Sea Kayak Krabi is a popular kayaking company in the province. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be professional or experienced to kayak. There are trips for beginners-advanced.

The Krabi Maritime Park and Spa Resort is a premier resort offering various treatments to suit your needs and desires. Services range from the Thai Massage to salt rubs and clay masks.

If you are ever in Thailand or even thinking about visiting you should definitely visit this opulent, diverse and exciting destination.

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